The company was formed in the midst of the Scandinavian property crisis in the early 1990s.
At the time there were few buyers and many forced sellers in the Swedish property sector,
resulting in falling property prices. This provided a good basis for the start of Kilenkrysset.
The turnover from rents increased steadily during the 1990s, from SEK 0 to 58 million.
At the start of the 2000s, an integrated construction unit was created at Kilenkrysset.
From then on, the expansion increased dramatically. The rent revenues increased to SEK 110 million
in 2001, and the turnover of the construction business reached SEK 140 million – all in all,
approximately SEK 250 million in annual turnover.

In a single year the revenues increased from SEK 250 to 500 million.
Together with Coop Fastigheter we invested in the logistics center in Staffanstorp,
10 kilometers northeast of Malmö in the expansive Öresund region.
The year after we decided to divest a few of our properties and residential projects to improve
our liquidity and enable continued expansion through investments in new construction projects.
Kilenkrysset sold GB’s freezer warehouse in Flen, the Partihallarna logistics property in Tumba
and H&M’s warehouse in Stockholm.
Kilenkrysset built Spendrup’s new headquarters in Huddinge and Mekonomen’s warehouse in Strängnäs.

During this period Kilenkrysset also developed a focus on warehouse, logistics and office properties.
We engaged in a close collaboration with the international construction company NCC
to develop Stockholm Nord Logistics Center in Rosersberg, Sigtuna municipality, north of Stockholm.
Initially a total of 61 000 square meters of warehouses were built for Bonnier Samdistribution,
Nokian Tyres and DHL. An additional 1.4 million square meters of land was acquired in the following years.
In 2007 we started the construction of our new head quarter office building in Strängnäs.

Despite the turmoil of the financial crisis, 2009 was one of the most profitable years ever for Kilenkrysset.
We built, among other properties, the Police office in Strängnäs, acquired more land in Stockholm Nord
Logistics Center and sold our concrete production plant in Arboga to Starka.
In 2011 we sold land to Posten in Stockholm Nord Logistics Center, and in 2012 we completed our new
Stockholm office, also located in Stockholm Nord Logistics Center.
2013 was financially the best year in the history of Kilenkrysset. We sold land to Ericsson in Stockholm
Nord Logistics Center on which Ericsson is building an advanced research and development center.
We also built our first BREEAM-certified building for IL Recycling as well as initiated the construction of
the new intermodal terminal located in Stockholm Nord, which will be owned by Kilenkrysset with Gävle
Containerterminal and its new owner Yilport Holding Inc. as operators.