The Company

Kilenkrysset is a name which is generally used for our group of companies which consists of some 110 legal entities.

Our total annual turnover for 2013 was SEK 882 million, of which 511 million relates to intra-group investments in new properties, and 371 million relates to external sales, of which property rents account for 312 million.

Our business units comprise business and property development, construction, property management and finance and business administration. In addition, we employ some 150 people as sub-contractors and consultants, who also contribute a good deal to Kilenkrysset’s development.

Kilenkrysset’s own staff is responsible for project management, planning, construction, negotiations, procurement and finance and accounting. Our property management team collaborates with the construction team from the start of the planning phase. We are building properties to manage them ourselves and always strive for the maximum quality at a competitive price.

The Stockholm region, and the adjacent Mälardalen region, is the fastest growing region in Sweden and one of the fastest growing capitals in Europe. The region has excellent strategic locations for warehouses and logistics business operations which “over night” can provide the middle and north of Sweden, Norway and Finland with goods. The locations are suitable also for other kinds of businesses catering to the largest local market in Sweden, the Stockholm region.

Several of our existing tenants have looked for premises in the Malmö and Gothenburg regions, to a large extent due to the need to supply goods to Western and Southern Sweden and Denmark.

In 2002 we established a partnership with Coop Fastigheter (the real estate arm of the national grocery cooperative Coop) to develop Kronoslätt Business Park in Staffanstorp, some 10 kilometers northeast of Malmö.

Kilenkrysset became a nationwide construction and development company in 2003 when we acquired land in Härryda municipality outside Gothenburg to construct a terminal for the Swedish Post.