Vasallen sells to Kilen Eldsundsviken

Press release
March 27, 2018
The Strängnäs company takes over housing projects in Eldsundsviken -
Vasallen sells to Kilen Eldsundsviken.

State-owned property developer Vasallen sells its housing project "Eldsundsviken 2" to Kilen Eldsundsviken AB. The project consists of 39 new apartments in a former military building with unique seaside location on Mälaren lake. Construction will begin in the fall of 2018, with planned occupancy in 2020.

"It feels great to entrust the development of Eldsundsviken 2 to Kilen Eldsundsviken AB, which has local connection with this area and that since 2017 has invested large resources on the entire development of Eldsundsviken. The apartments will be fantastic", says Erik Engström, Real Estate Manager at Vasallen.

"We are very glad to take over this fantastic residential project. We see this as a natural development in Eldsundviken, where we strengthen our overall approach to the project and can get started immediately with the production of these amazing homes", says Stefan Persson, CEO and owner of Kilen Eldsundsviken AB.

Construction cooperation between Vasallen and Kilen Eldsundsviken
In 2017 Vasallen sold all further development of Eldsundsviken. The project is owned and managed by Kilen Eldsundsviken AB, the company with close links to Kilenkrysset. The project comprises existing premises corresponding to approximately 31 000 sq.m as well as plans for ongoing construction of new premises and housing of about 2 500 residential units. Consequently, the sale of Eldsundsviken 2 is an addition to the transaction between Vasallen and Kilen Eldsundsviken carried out in 2017.

Vasallen still owns and manages the project Brf Eldsundsviken 1 through the company Vasallen Strängnäs Bostad AB, with its occupancy scheduled for July 2018.

Contact and more information:
Erik Engström, Real Estate Manager, Vasallen | 070 – 210 89 91
Peter Kavén, Business Developer, Kilen Eldsundsviken AB | 070 – 766 53 96

More information:

Eldsundsvikenis a new district of Strängnäs located right on the shore of Lake Mälaren and directly adjacent to Strängnäs city center. Vasallen develops Eldsundsviken with homes, schools and workplaces. In total, approximately 2 500 homes will be built in Eldsundsviken, where the first sales stated in 2016.
Read more:

Vasallen was founded in 1997 and is a dedicated property developer that manages projects from purchase to sale. Vasallen is currently developing land and real estate in two places in the country: Strängnäs and Vaxholm. Vasallen is owned by the Swedish state.
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Blomsterlandet opens a new store at Solberga shopping center on 22 of March.

February 27, 2018
We welcome our new tenant, Blomsterlandet, to Solberga Shopping center in Strängnäs. A rental agreement has been signed for 10 years.

Blomsterlandet is a Swedish chain of stores located from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north. They offer a wide range of both plants and accessories for the home and garden.

Kilenkrysset sells property in Upplands-Bro to ICA Fastigheter

February 23, 2018
Kilenkrysset has sold the property Örnäs 1:22 in Upplands Bro to ICA Fastigheter. The property, which is approximately 83,500 sq.m., was acquired through a share transaction.

"Upplands Bro is an important distribution hub in Stockholm, and this deal is a part of ICA Fastigheter's long-term plan to acquire strategic locations for the future," says Lena Boberg, CEO of ICA Fastigheter.

"We are pleased and proud to welcome such a reputable company as ICA to Brunna," says Jens Persson, CEO Kilenkrysset.

The transaction was finalized on February 22, 2018.

Extended rental agreement with NCC Industry on Stålgatan 1 in Rosersberg

January 11, 2018
NCC Industry will rent an additional 370 sqm from Kilenkrysset on plan 5, Stålgatan 1 in Rosersberg.
The lease agreement for a total of 1370 square meters has a lease period of five years from April 01, 2018.
Johan Vennerström, Prop.Manager and Haris Dozo, Prop.Devel. Lidl,
Matilda Pettersson, Busin.Devel. och Ove Nilsson, Constr.Manager Kilenkrysset

Kilenkrysset and Lidl have signed an agreement for a new store in Solberga Shopping Center, Strängnäs

December 19, 2017
As part of the development of Solberga shopping center in Strängnäs, Kilenkrysset will build a new building for Lidl as well as improve parking and access to the area.
Lidl will open in Solberga in December 2018.

Lidl started in the 1930s as a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, and the first stores opened in Germany in the 1970s. The international expansion began in the 1990s and today Lidl has around 10,000 stores in 30 countries. Today it’s one of Europe's largest grocery chains.
The first Lidl stores in Sweden opened in September 2003. Since then, they have continued to challenge the Swedish market and have grown into a major grocery chain. Today there are 170 stores in Sweden represented from Trelleborg in the south to Skellefteå in the north. Totally, more than 3600 people work at Lidl Sweden. The headquarters are located in Solna, and two central warehouses are located in Halmstad and Rosersberg respectively. Lidl Sweden also have three real estate offices located in Stockholm, Örebro and Malmö.

Matilda Pettersson, Business Developer Kilenkrysset, Maria Printz, CEO Printz bakery and Peter Kavén, CEO Kilen Bostad

Printz Bakery opens in Solberga shopping center

December 15, 2017
Kilenkrysset will build and rent out premises to Printz bakery in Solberga shopping center for café, bakery and locally produced food.

“As a part of strengthening and developing activities in the surrounding region, we are now investing in an establishment in Solberga. We want to be where the customers are and feel that we can offer a product range that is currently lacking in the area”, said Maria Printz, CEO and founder of Printz bakery, based in Stallarholmen in the outskirts of Strängnäs.
“We at Kilenkrysset are very pleased and excited that Printz bakery establishes with us in Solberga shopping center. The establishment is a puzzle piece that will fit in and make the area even more attractive”, says Matilda Pettersson, business developer at Kilenkrysset.

This fall, Printz bakery will open in Solberga and will offer a nice oasis to settle down and have a coffee as well as the sale of fresh bread baked from organic products and other locally produced food.

Jan Persson, Chairman and Owner of the Board Kilenkrysset, Gustaf Hermelin, Chairman and Owner of the Board Catena and Jens Persson, CEO Kilenkrysset

Kilenkryssets biggest deal ever – property sale of over a billion

December 15, 2017
Kilenkrysset has sold five logistics properties in the Mälardalen area to Catena, thereby becoming a major shareholder of the publicly listed logistics company. Kilenkrysset received about five percent of the shares in Catena as a part of the transaction. The underlying property value amounted to 1,104 million SEK.
The properties have a leaseable area of approximately 91.5 thousand square meters, with tenants such as Volvo in Eskilstuna, Coop in Enköping, Stena Recycling and Bonnier Samdistribution in Rosersberg, Sigtuna.
"There are three people I look up to in Swedish business - two of them are Erik Paulsson and Gustaf Hermelin. Erik and Gustaf have an admirable history of developing not only real estate but also entire districts, and they share the Kilenkrysset business culture and value base. We see this deal partly as an opportunity to obtain a long-term financial investment in a well-managed company, and partly as a start of a strategic cooperation between Kilenkrysset and Catena. With Catena's professional management organization, we are also confident that our tenants are in good hands." says Jan Persson, Chairman of the Board in Kilenkrysset.
"This acquisition strengthens our position in Mälardalen, with new tenants and long leases that will generate good cash flows for Catena. The building rights that accompany the properties ensure good opportunities for new construction, which is in line with our strategy of how we want to grow. Through this acquisition, Catena is also given a new long-term and strong partner with extensive property competence." says Gustaf Hermelin, Chairman of the Board of Catena.
For Kilenkrysset this deal means that the company now continues to be an owner in the previously wholly owned properties and the owner, Jan Persson, also thinks that it is very honorable to join other large and stable owners in Catena such as Erik Paulsson, Gustaf Hermelin, Sten Mörtstedt and Länsförsäkringar.
About Kilenkrysset:
Kilenkrysset is a family-owned company group that builds, owns and manages properties in 13 municipalities, mainly in Mälardalen. The Group's turnover in 2016 was approximately 1 billion SEK.

For further information, please contact:
Jan Persson, Chairman and Owner of the Board, tel: +46 70 766 54 04

Jens Persson, President and CEO, tel: 070-323 20 08

Ida Åsberg, Adm. Chief of Business Development and Corporate Lawyer, tel: 070-766 53 95

Development Manager

November 28, 2017
Kilenkrysset has employed Anders Solberg as a Development Manager.
He starts his new position on January 22, 2018.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Upplands Motor in Rosersberg

November 16, 2017
On Thursday, November 16th, the symbolic “Groundbreaking Ceremony” for Upplands Motors’ new delivery workshop was held in Rosersberg.
The new premises are expected to be ready for occupancy in the fall of 2018.

On the photo from the left:
Peter Wiklund, Chief Market Officer at Upplands Motor, Olov Holst, Mayor of the Municipality of Sigtuna, Jan Persson, CEO of Kilenkrysset and Kent Jonsson, CEO of Upplands Motor.

Carina Palm, new Administration Manager of Kilenkrysset

November 6, 2017
Carina comes from Nyköpingshem AB, where she works as Chief Financial Officer.
She starts her position as Administration Manager of Kilenkrysset on December 1, 2017.

Kilenkrysset will build a delivery workshop for new tenant Upplands Motor in Rosersberg

October 30, 2017
Upplands Motor is currently confined to its current premises in Kista, and in order to free space there, Kilenkrysset will build a 6000 square meter workshop with warehouse at Tenngatan in Rosersberg. Occupancy is scheduled for October 1, 2018.

Upplands Motor is one of the most successful automotive companies and a modern family-owned business with about 700 employees. The company provides maintenance and operational services as well as new and used cars, and cooperates with Volvo, Ford, Renault, Dacia and since March 2017 also with Mercedes-Benz. In 2016, the business had a turnover of approximately 3.5 billion SEK and the goal is to double sales by 2020, with the aim to be Sweden's best service company.

Upplands Motor was established in 1964 in Uppsala, and is currently also located in Arlandastad, Tierp, Hammarby Sjöstad and in Kista, where the headquarters is located. The Mercedes-Benz facilities are located in Kista, Danderyd and Södertälje. Based on its values “simple, thoughtful and committed”, Upplands Motor helps its customers to a simpler everyday life and creates job satisfaction for its employees.

Jens Persson, new Group CEO of Kilenkrysset

September 29, 2017
Jens Persson has been appointed Group CEO of the Kilenkrysset Group. Jens has extensive senior management experience in both business and politics. He will start his position on 1 November.
Jan Persson will continue as board chairman and owner.
“I am very pleased that we have succeeded in recruiting Jens to Kilenkrysset. He will be able to contribute a lot through his solid experience and continue to develop Kilenkrysset's success story”, says Jan Persson.

Kilenkrysset and Max have signed an agreement for establishment in Strängnäs.

September 18, 2017
Kilenkrysset and Max Burgers have signed a land contract at the Biskopskvarn area along the E20 highway south of Strängnäs.

“Strängnäs Etableringspark grows. It is fantastic that we have now signed an agreement with Max. The area becomes even more attractive for businesses and visitors”, says Jan Persson, CEO and founder of Kilenkrysset.

This restaurant will be built according to Max newest concept, designed by Gert Wingårdh. It will be a stand-alone restaurant with drive-in, about 135 indoor seats and 100 outdoor. The opening is scheduled for 2019.

“We are glad that the first steps of opening our first restaurant in Strängnäs have been taken. This area around the highway is under development now, this creates a great opportunity for Max to meet new guests”, says Tony Jakobsson, establishment, construction and property manager at Max Burgers.

Mikael Damberg, the Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, has visited Kilen Prefab

August 29, 2017
On Tuesday, August 29, Mikael Damberg, The Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, has visited Kilen Prefab on Fjädervägen 6 in Strängnäs.
The visit began with a tour at our factory that manufactures concrete elements. Subsequently, our guests were invited for lunch at Kilenkrysset headquarters.
Then there was a visit to Strängnäs Business Park. At the end of the day our guests had a tour to the factory KW Bruun Logistik AB, which is also a warehouse for Peugeot spare parts here in Strängnäs.
The focus of the visit is to develop business in the area and press down unemployment.

Kilenkrysset acquires Spoven 1

August 15, 2017
Kilenkrysset AB acquired property Spoven 1 in Strängnäs from Hallings screw factory on July 12, 2017.
The property locates next to Kilenkrysset's warehouse in Måsen area.
Also, a new lease agreement had been signed between the parties.

Kilenkrysset acquires Eldsundsviken in Strängnäs from Vasallen

July 12, 2017
The state-owned property developer Vasallen and Kilenkrysset have reached an agreement where Kilenkrysset AB buys Vasallen's property development company Vasallen Strängnäs Exploatering AB. In the deal, Kilenkrysset all the land for future housing development, equivalent to 2500 c rights.

The agreement between Vasallen and Kilenkrysset was reached today, July 12, and entails that Kilenkrysset takes over the future development of Eldsundsvik. The agreement includes all of the land for future housing development, existing premises corresponding to approximately 31 000 sqm, as well as plans for the continued development of new commercial and residential properties.

- We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with Vasallen about this deal, which suited us perfectly. We take over a very well managed company with Mälardalen’s finest residential building rights that are being developed. This will undoubtedly become Mälardalen's most exciting urban development project, said Jan Persson, CEO of Kilenkrysset.

Vasallen hands over the responsibility
The take-over date is September 1, 2017. Erik Engström, Property Manager of Vasallen, commented on the deal as follows:

- We are excited to carry out this transaction with Kilenkrysset. It is a strong player with clear local presence that takes over the development of Eldsundsviken. We wish the best of luck with the continued development of Eldsundsviken as Strängnäs’ new residential area.

However, Vasallen does not completely leave Eldsundsviken - it will continue to develop Brf Eldsundsviken 1 and Brf Eldsundsviken 2, through Vasallen Strängnäs Bostad AB.

Strängnäs municipality is positive about the deal
Jacob Högfeldt, the Chairman of the Municipal Council in Strängnäs, also welcomes this deal. He thinks it is good that it is a local player that is entrusted with the continued development of Eldsundsviken.

- It is an important area for the development of Strängnäs and therefore it’s also important that it has the owner who sees the potential and at the same time has a long-term goal. By joining and creating this new part of Strängnäs city, Kilenkrysset will be involved in making Strängnäs Municipality even stronger. The long-term view and the desire to create new projects in Strängnäs are hallmarks of Kilenkrysset, and we are therefore very pleased that they are now making this acquisition.

Contact and more information:
Leif Rytter, CEO, Vasallen | 070 – 536 08 28
Erik Engström, Property Manager, Vasallen | 070 – 210 89 91
Jan Persson, CEO, Kilenkrysset | 070 – 766 54 04

In-depth information:

Eldsundsviken is Strängnäs’ new residential area located right on the shore of Lake Mälaren lake and directly adjacent to Strängnäs city center. In Eldsundsviken, Vasallen develops housing projects, schools and workplaces. In total, Eldsundsviken will contain about 2500 homes, the first apartments being sold in 2016. Read more at

Vasallen was founded in 1997 and is a property developer who runs projects from buy-to-sale. Vasallen is currently developing land and property in two locations in the country, Strängnäs and Vaxholm. Vasallen is owned by the Swedish state. Read more at

We welcome Rådek to "Glashuset", Strängnäs

July 10, 2017
Rådek will move from its current office on Källgatan 4 to the ground floor of the "Glashuset" building, on Finningevägen 52, Strängnäs, as of 2018-01-01. Rental agreement has been signed for 10 years.

Rådek is a knowledge-based company focusing on auditing, accounting and taxation issues. The company was started in 1986 and is owned by auditors Johan Rudengren, Stefan Muhrbeck and Björn Bentevik. Today, there are 50 employees, of which seven are authorized auditors and thirteen are authorized accounting consultants.

Blomsterlandet opens at Solberga Handelsplats spring 2018

June 15, 2017
Kilenkrysset is building a plant nursery at Solberga Handelsplats in Strängnäs of approximately 1,200 sqm and an outdoor market of approximately 500 sqm for our new tenant Blomsterlandet.
Rental contract has been signed for 10 years. Occupancy is scheduled for spring 2018th.
We welcome Blomsterlandet to Strängnäs!

Blomsterlandet is a Swedish retail chain with 53 units from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north. It offers a wide range of both plants and accessories for home and garden.
Through the combination of knowledge, inspiration and commitment Blomsterlandet offers an affordable product range of high quality where only the imagination sets the limit. Purchases are usually made directly from the grower without unnecessary intermediaries, and as far as possible with Swedish cultivated plants from local growers.

Today, we have acquired two properties in Rosersberg from Stendörren

May 31, 2017
Roserberg 11:92 and Roserberg 11: 101 have been acquired from Stendören. Both buildings are fully occupied with our new customers R.G.E Trading AB and Bystronic AB
The purchase also includes land area of about 14,000 square meters.

Now we are exhibiting in Kistamässan, you will find us in the booth B:22

May 10, 2017
Wednesday 10/5 and Thursday 11/5 Kilenkrysset will participate in the Ecommerce Stockholm fair at Kistamässan.

ECOMMERCE STHLM 2017 is a meetingplace bringing the stakeholders of the e-commerce sector together. The whole commerce value chain is represented, giving a comprehensive offer in the fields of consumer experience, marketing innovation, core technology and e-logistics.

• Over 110 exhibitors that help you develop and enhance your digital presence.
• Over 80 speakers - Get inspired by the experts within the industry.
• Smart solutions for the entire digital value chain, from marketing, e-commerce platforms, website tools, payment systems to efficient packaging and logistics solutions.

Maintaining your current customers or making new ones is the core of e-commerce. Meet decision makers who are specifically visiting to source from the e-commerce world and grow your business onsite.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. A strong brand gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. ECOMMERCE STHLM not just a show, it’s a possibility to show the digital world what your brand is all about!

ChopChop Biskopskvarn in Strängnäs opens May 19th

May 8, 2017
In January 2016 Kilenkrysset sold land in Biskopskvarn near Statoil and McDonalds to ChopChop. premiere opening of the restaurant in Strängnäs will take place on Friday, May 19th.

ChopChop is a fast-growing Asian food chain that offers fresh Asian food as a better alternative for today's fast food.
Currently ChopChop has sixteen restaurants in Sweden.

Kilenkrysset is going to participate in Ecommerce Stockholm,
Kistamässan, May 10th and 11th

April 11, 2017
You will find us at booth B22.
Opening hours:
Wednesday, 05/10: 9:00 – 17:00
Thursday, 5/11: 9:00 – 16:00

We invite you to visit us for free on Ecommerce Sthlm 2017.
For more info see:

Hope to see you there!

Rosenqvist Fastigheter acquires "Handelstorget" in Rosersberg

April 20, 2017
Rosenqvist Fastigheter AB, with CEO and owner Anders Rosenqvist, has acquired "Handelstorget" of about 50,000 square meters adjacent to the motorway junction in Rosersberg. Rosenqvist Fastigheter AB intends to build a cluster mainly for construction machinery equipment and complementary businesses.

Rosenqvist Fastigheter AB is a close partner to Kilenkrysset in the development of Rosersberg and we wish Anders and his team the best of luck in this venture.

Kilenkrysset welcome Berg & Byggteknik i Norberg AB and Expomobil AB to Rosersberg.

April 19, 2017
Berg & Byggteknik i Norberg AB has acquired a plot of approximately 5,000 square meters in Rosersberg, on which the company intends to construct a building for its own use. For many years Berg & Byggteknik i Norberg AB has helped Kilenkrysset with blasting work in Rosersberg.

Expomobil has acquired a plot of approximately 4,000 square meters in Rosersberg. Expomobil is specialized in mobile showrooms.

Kilenkrysset has also sold a smaller plot as an expansion area to Doka Sverige AB, which has already been established in Rosersberg for several years.

Jan Eriksson resigns as CEO

April 18, 2017
After a period of discussions and conversations in a good spirit and with the greatest consensus, it has been decided that Jan Eriksson will leave his role as CEO of Kilenkrysset.
Kilenkrysset’s owner and board chairman Jan Persson, will become the new CEO, and apart from Jan the management team will consist of:
Peter Kavén, CEO Kilen Bostad AB
Dan Bohman, CEO Kilen Prefab
Bodil Gistrand, Administrative Manager and Executive Vice President
Ove Nilsson, head of construction management
Per Heikman, head of property management
Stefan Persson.

In certain matters Jan Eriksson will remain as an advisor to Jan Persson and Kilenkrysset also in the future.

Kilenkrysset expands in Rosersberg and sells in Bro

April 13, 2017
Jan Persson, owner of Kilenkrysset and Fredrik Brodin, CEO Stendörren
Kilenkrysset has acquired the properties Rosersberg 11:101 and 11:92 from Stendörren through a company transaction. The properties were acquired for an underlying property value of SEK 135 million. The properties comprise approximately 6500 sq m of premises and building rights of about 14,000 square meters.

At the same time Kilenkrysset is selling its share in the joint venture "Stockholm Väst Logistik AB" to Stendörren. The company's assets consist of land zoned for industrial and logistical use with an estimated market value of SEK 134 million.

"Kilenkrysset expands in Rosersberg, which is one of the company's core markets. The combination of existing cash flow from the premises as well as unutilized building rights provide good opportunities for us to develop the properties in one of Sweden's best logistics areas where we have already 150-170 000 square meters of logistics space and offices of approximately another 4000 square meters," said Jan Persson, owner of Kilenkrysset.

"We chose to focus our project management resources on developing this exciting project - Stockholm Väst Logistik in Bro, that has very good potential for value growth. Our cooperation with Kilenkrysset remains good. Their stronger presence in Rosersberg provides greater basis for the development of the properties, therefore we are selling now," says Fredrik Brodin, CEO Stendörren

Strängnäs Business Fair "Bo leva verka" in Svenska Hem Arena.

March 20, 2017
At the fair we primarily promoted Kilenkrysset's housing concept, Kilen Bostad, which is under development.
Production of multi-family houses (apartment block) in Strängnäs is in full swing, the first multi-family project will be launched shortly. This is a pilot project that begins a new era in the Kilenkrysset Group.
With a high level of prefabrication, and rational methods gained from our wealth of experience from construction management, we want to create attractive homes where people will thrive.
Besides Strängnäs, we also have residential projects ongoing in Nyköping, Upplands-Bro and Sigtuna.
Garden view on Kv. Rocken 8, Fårhushagen Strängnäs

Building Permit for Kv.Rocken 8, Fårhushagen Strängnäs, had been granted.

March 8, 2017
Kilenkryssets housing concept, Kilen Bostad AB, is being developed.
Villa construction in Fårhushagen, Strängnäs is in full swing now. The first apartment block project with 45 rental units is being constructed directly adjacent to the villas with construction start in April / May 2017.

Kilenkrysset is going to participate in Strängnäs Business Fair on March 17-18th.

Friday, 17/03, is a day for business people and on Saturday, 03/18, the fair is open for general public with free entry.
Opening hours: 11:00-16:00.
You will find us at booth #43 in Svenska Hem Arena.
Strangnas Etablerings Park, a collaboration between Strängnäs Municipality and Kilenkrysset, at booth #55.
Hope to see you there!

For more information:

From left: Jan Persson and Jan Eriksson - Kilenkrysset AB, Ibrahim Khalifa - Sigtuna Municipality and Per Zandren - DHL.

DHL’s warehouse extension in Rosersberg

January 31, 2017
Construction launch ceremony for an extension of the warehouse of DHL Exel Supply Chain AB held today in Rosersberg. The warehouse space will be extended by about 8000 square meters and will be ready for occupancy till

100th Anniversary

January 11, 2017
This year, Kilenkrysset had its 30th birthday and Jan Persson, the founder and owner of the company, had his 70th birthday! That’s why on January 11 we celebrated a combined 100th Anniversary and invited guests to our Headquarters in Strängnäs as an “Open House”.
Instead of receiving personal gifts, Jan Persson wished for a contribution to Kilenkrysset’s Children’s Fund – our charity fund for orphanages in Lithuania.
For several years Kilenkrysset has supported two orphanages in Lithuania. We have chosen Lithuania because several of our employees at Kilen Prefab (our production plant) come from this country. Periodically they go home and take with them our gifts to hand them over to the children. This ensures us that our support arrives at its true destination.

Kilenkrysset sells land in Kungsängen, Upplands-Bro

December 20, 2016
In December Kilenkrysset has sold appx. 250 000 sq.m planned industrial land in Kungsängen to Castellum and NREP.
- We are very pleased to be able to carry out these sales to two very skilled players and thereby further strengthen our capabilities for new acquisitions and development of new areas in both the residential and logistics segments of Kilenkrysset, says CEO Jan Eriksson.

Kilenkrysset has sold land in Rosersberg to Scantruck

December 7, 2016
N.C. Nielsen A / S, better known as Scantruck, has purchased approximately 13,000 sq.m of land north of the Ericsson site in Rosersberg.. There Scantruck will build an exhibition hall for construction equipment machines.

Scantruck is a Danish leading supplier of machines for construction industry..

Lease agreements have been signed between Kilenkrysset and Volkswagen Group Sverige AB

December 7, 2016
A lease agreement has been signed between Kilenkrysset and Volkswagen Group Sverige AB regarding parking space for cars in Nykvarn.
Property area: appx. 24 000 sq.m
The lease is for ten years and the facility is ready for occupancy June 1, 2017.

New slab form introduced at Kilen Prefab

November 21, 2016
Finally our new slab form is in operation in our concrete production plant, Kilen Prefab. It is 50m long and 6.4m wide, and it also has a bias function. This form is the final piece in our process of developing a standardized housing concept based on recurring houses and drawings.

Kilenkrysset is going to participate in the Logistics and Transport Fair in Göteborg

November 1, 2016
All the leading players in the industry present their logistics and transport offering there on site.
You will find Kilenkrysset on booth A00:06.
We also have a collaboration with Strängnäs Etableringspark in booth A00:07 and Stockholm Syd in booth A00:04.
Hope to see you there!

Kilen Bostad builds terraced houses in Fårhushagen, Strängnäs

October 24, 2016
Sales of the terraced houses in Fårhushagen are going well.
As of now six houses have been sold and an additional seven prospective buyers have made an appointment to sign contracts. In total 20 terraced houses will be produced..
Occupancy period will be October, 2016 to October 2017.
Magnus Detterholm, VD Optimera, Ibrahim Khalifa, Styr.ordf. Sigtuna kommun, Emil Dahlberg, Lager/Enhetschef Optimera, Jan Eriksson, VD Kilenkrysset

Groundbreaking for Optimera in Rosersberg.

October 10, 2016
On October 20 the symbolic "groundbreaking" ceremony for Optimera Sweden AB was held in Rosersberg. Kilenkrysset will construct a ca. 14,000 sqm warehouse and office building with canopies. Occupancy date will be 2017-07-01.

GP-MOTOR – new tenant in Strängnäs

October 20, 2016
As of April 1, 2017 GP-MOTOR will rent a 730 sq.m car showroom in the property “Motorn 3”, next door to Anicura at Annebergsvägen 4, Strängnäs.

We build new premises for our tenant Aerfast

October 10, 2016
Kilenkrysset will construct a new building totaling 10 000 sqm on a part of the property Gorsinge 1:20. Our current tenant Aerfast, currently leasing our building at Plogstigen 1 in Strängnäs, has signed a 10-year lease on 3 408 sqm on the new property.
Anticipated occupancy date is 2017-10-01.

Aerfast AB has its head office, service center and warehouse in Strängnäs.
In 2002 the company became a part of the Van Aerden Industrial Group that was founded in Antwerp in 1926. The group consists of a number of factories and companies in approximately ten countries in Europe, and an export department with business activities in more than 70 countries, covering five continents with a turnover exceeding SEK 1 billion.
The group companies specialize in the following market segments; construction and industrial solid solutions, industrial packaging, labeling and identification systems.
In Sweden Aerfast is responsible for distribution for most leading brands in different business areas.

Kilenkrysset launches Kilen Bostad and makes organization changes

September 14, 2016
Kilenkrysset launches Kilen Bostad, thereby creating a new residential arm to the Kilenkrysset group. Today the group has its own concrete production plant (Kilen Prefab) as well as large swathes of land suitable for housing development. CEO of Kilen Bostad will be Peter Kavén, up until today CEO of the group. Peter has extensive experience in residential development. With Peter now assuming his new role, the group will make some additional organizational changes for the future.

Jan Eriksson, formerly vice president, is the new CEO for the group. Jan has extensive experience from senior positions in the financial industry. Bodil Gistrand becomes group Vice president. Bodil has extensive experience from senior positions within the adult and consulting sectors.

Kilenkrysset’s new management will consist of Jan Eriksson, Bodil Gistrand, Peter Kavén, Dan Bohman, CEO of Kilen Prefab, and Ove Nilsson, head of construction and property management.

- I am very pleased with the recruitment we made during the past year to enhance and handle the generation change that the group now is undergoing. I am also looking forward to Kilenkrysset creating a new area with Kilen Bostad, were we can be involved in modernizing the residential sector in Sweden. Kilenkrysset group is well equipped to build rental apartments for long-term management by ourselves. We will also build some condominiums to create a nice variety and attractive neighborhoods for our customers, says Jan Persson, board chairman and owner of Kilenkrysset group.

Stendörren and Kilenkrysset create new logistic center in Upplands-Bro

July 14, 2016
Stockholm Väst Logistik is the name of the new logistics center that Stendörren and Kilenkrysset create in a 50/50 owned joint-venture company.
Stockholm Väst Logistik comprises approximately 400 000 sq.m of zoned land in Nygård industrial area in Upplands-Bro municipality.
The properties that are included in the joint company are Upplands-Bro, Nygård 2:17 and part of Nygård 2:14.
The property Nygård 2:14 (owned by Stendörren) had to a great extent already been developed with the central grocery warehouse of Coop.

“The unique location with its own rail connection to the main line and the proximity to E18 provides fantastic opportunities to create a very attractive logistics location in immediate vicinity to Stockholm. We are able to build about 200 000 sq.m of new premises in the area within existing detailed plan. The railway connection and the interchange with the new motorway exit from E18 terminal for future requirements for environmentally friendly logistics and consumer demands for fast deliveries. The experience that Jan Persson and the Kilenkrysset team have in logistics is very valuable to our joint venture” said Stendörren’s CEO Fredrik Brodin.

Jan Persson, the founder of Kilenkrysset is also pleased about the cooperation: “We know the value of the area, our land at E18 in Brunna has had a very high demand. By gaining access to the rail connection, we can build an intermodal terminal for incoming and outgoing goods from area which we have a very positive experience with – Rosersberg.”

Ove Nilsson, Magnus Detterholm, Peter Kavén, Carl Liedström, Magnus Hammar

We are happy to have signed a 15-years lease with Optimera Sweden AB

July 1, 2016
Kilenkrysset builds office and warehouse in Rosersberg for Optimera Sverige AB with occupancy date 2017-07-01.
Cold-storage warehouse 10 890 sqm, warm-storage warehouse 2 530 sqm, office and staff facilities 370 sqm and canopy roof 4 340 sqm.

Optimera is one of the leading construction materials dealer for professional customers.
The Optimera Group is owned by French Saint-Gobian, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of building materials with headquarter in Paris. Besides Sweden, Optimera is also present in Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Latvia and has more than 160 stores with more than 3000 employees.

We have signed a 10-years lease with I.A.Hedin Bil AB

June 28, 2016
We have signed a 10-years contract with I.A.Hedin Bil for the property Spejaren 1, Smista Allé 11 in Segeltorp (formerly Mekonomen).
Hedin Bil rent the entire property where they will conduct service and sale of passenger and service cars and other vehicles. The existing parking deck will be extended with two additional floors. The total area is 8 321 sqm, of which service/sales comprises 3 676 sqm and parking deck 4 645 sqm.
The tenant will move in on a part of the property on 2016-10-01. On 2017-04-01 the tenant will have access to the whole refurbished building.

Hedin Bil is one of the largest car dealers in Sweden. Their vision is to become an industry-leading automotive company with the best products and the best service.

Entirely new district planned in Nyköping

March 19, 2016
Kilenkrysset together with the municipality of Nyköping has developed a proposal for detailed plan for the Oppeby district area in Nyköping. The purpose of the local plan is to enable housing development mixed with some retail and office use within the property Oppeby Gård 1:5, in the district Oppeby. The proposal for the new local plan allows for about 550 brand new apartments in apartment buildings and townhouses.

On behalf of Kilenkrysset, Sweco has conducted a geotechnical investigation on the area. The aim of the investigation is to develop a geotechnical basis for the zoning planning process.
Ancient remains have been found in the area. As a result of discussions with the Country Administrative Board, an initial and final archaeological survey of the burial ground will be carried out, which means that the graves are going to be investigated, documented and removed. In autumn 2015 the Country Administrative Board asked for a project plan with cost estimates for a preliminary archeological survey to be conducted in the spring of 2016. After this a final inspection must be carried out before the plan may be adopted

Time schedule:
The zoning plan is carried out with the extended proceeding. The schedule is preliminary and may change during the process.
Consultative Decision by the Building Committee 2016-02-16
Consultation with different stakeholders takes place in March, 2016
Decision on Examination/Review by the Building Committee in May, 2016
Examination takes place in June, 2016
Adoption Decision by the Building Committee
Decision in September, 2016
The zoning detail plan gains legal force in October, 2016

Implementation period:
The implementation period is 10 years from when the detailed plan gains legal force

Planning is ongoing in Södertälje SYD

April 14, 2016
Planniong of 600 000 sqm land for warehousing and logistics is ongoing in Södertälje SYD.
Stefan Linder, Jan Persson, Lars Barkström, Martin Pasko, Johanna Hanski

Diskteknik establishes new warehouse and office in Rosersberg

March 31, 2016
Diskteknik has acquired 20 000 sqm of land in Rosersberg from Kilenkrysset. Diskteknik intends to establish a new warehouse and head office in Rosersberg.

Diskteknik is a company that provides its customers with professional products, service and knowledge within the restaurant, café, catering and hotel sector with everything concerning dishes, laundry and cleaning.

Hålls Fastigheter acquires land in Rosersberg

March 16, 2016
Hålls Fastigheter AB, with owner and CEO Patric Håll, has acquired some 20 000 sq.m. of land in Roserberg.

Mikael Graffman, ABT, Andreas Lenander, KilenX, Martin Albertsson, ABT, Peter Kavén, KilenX, Peter Andersson, ABT, Jan Persson, KilenX.

Kilenkrysset invests in Rosersberg, ABT-Bolagen invests in Upplands-Bro

February 11, 2016
Kilenkrysset acquires the property Spångs Soldattorp 1:1 in Rosersberg from ABT-Bolagen. The property comprises 3 250 sq.m. of office space, 1 100 sq.m. of industrial space. The total land area of the property is 51 000 sq.m. In connection with the sale, ABT-Bolagen has signed a 10 year lease agreement with Kilenkrysset for the property.
ABT-Bolagen acquires 45 000 sq. m. in Upplands-Bro from Kilenkrysset. The land use planning process for the area has been initiated.

Peter Kavén, Kilenkrysset, Gustaf Söderberg, Bista GS Industrihallar AB, Andreas Lenander, Kilenkrysset.

Land sale to Bista GS Industrihallar AB in Kungsängen

February 9, 2016
Bista GS Industrihallar AB acquires 10 000 sq.m. of land from Kilenkrysset in Kungsängen. In addition, Bistas GS has an option to buy another 10 000 sq.m. of land. Bista GS will develop the land for its own use as well as for future tenants. The construction will start in the spring of 2016. Both parties aim to continue the collaboration initiated by this deal.
Owe Eklund, Kilenkrysset, Bo Andersson, Mikael Andersson, Märsta Förenade, Jan Persson, Kilenkrysset.

Märsta Förenande new tenant in our office building in Rosersberg

February 9, 2016
We are pleased to announce that Märsta Förenade Åkeriföretag AB will move into our office building in Roserberg. For the next 10 year Märsta Förenade will rent a whole floor in the building, comprising 870 sq.m.
With its 250 vehicles, Märsta Förenande is a company focused on various kinds of transportation solutions for businesses.

Peter Kavén, Kilenkrysset, Hans Ye, Chop Chop, Matilda Pettersson, Kilenkrysset

Land sale in Biskopkvarn in Strängnäs

January 20, 2016
Asian food restaurant chain Chop Chop has acquired land from Kilenkrysset at Biskopkvarn in Strängnäs. Chop Chop will establish its restaurant concept at Biskopkvarn close to the E20 motorway junction in Strängnäs. The chain currently has eight restaurants in Sweden. The restaurant in Strängnäs will open in the autumn of 2016, resulting in 15-20 new jobs. Kilenkrysset sees additional potential for new similar developments adjacent to the plot acquired by Chop Chop.

Anders Nilsson, Andreas Lenander, Maria Jonsson, Jan Persson, Owe Eklund, Peter Kavén.

Land sale in Rosersberg

December 17, 2015
Fastighets AB Brostaden has acquired 23 000 sq.m. of land in Rosersberg.
Håkan Larsson and Jan Persson

Land sale to Bålsta Truck Stop AB in Kungsängen

December 15, 2015
Bålsta Truck Stop AB (Betong-Larsson) has acquired 20 000 sq.m. of land in Kungsängen. In addition, Bålsta Truck Stop AB has an option to buy another 20 000 sq.m. of land in the same area.

Land use plan in place for the area Sneden in Enköping

December 1, 2015
The land use plan for area Sneden, located in Enköping, is now in place. Thus, building permits can now be applied for and obtained in accordance with the plan.

STARKA leases land for storage in Strängnäs

December 1, 2015
STARKA in Strängnäs has signed a lease of land agreement with Kilenkrysset for storage at Gorsingeberget in Strängnäs. The total area is 42 000 sq.m. It is a 15 year agreement. In addition, Kilenkrysset has built a road to STARKA’s production plant at Gorsingeberget.

Abbekås Åkeri, new tenant in Kronoslätt Företagspark, Staffanstorp

October 27, 2015
As of February 1, 2016, Abbekås Åkeri will lease 9 500 sq.m. of office, warehouse and industrial premises in Kronoslätt Företagspark, Staffanstorp. The contract period is seven years.
Abbekås Åkeri is a family owned company mainly focusing on transportation of food and beverage as well as store-keeping for its customers.

Opening ceremony of the intermodal terminal in Stockholm Nord, Rosersberg held today

September 24, 2015
Kilenkrysset first came to the area ten years ago. The company has co-financed the new junction of the E4 motorway in Rosersberg, which enabled the construction of the intermodal terminal.

-There is a great demand for a national intermodal terminal, and now we can develop the area, says Jan Persson, owner and founder of Kilenkrysset.

Kilenkrysset has invested in the infrastructure of the intermodal terminal and GCT will operate and furnish the terminal with trucks, cranes, and IT-systems. The total area of the intermodal terminal is 88 000 sq.m., making it one of the largest in the country. It will contribute to more flexible and effective cargo transports within the Stockholm and Mälardalen region. The location adjacent to the E4 motorway and the railway network will lead to less heavy traffic at the congested Essingeleden motorway crossing central Stockholm.

-We are happy to be able to contribute in this way. It will be a large environmental gain for the region. Now we will reduce the number of cargo lorries in traffic jams across central Stockholm, says Owe Eklund, business developer at Kilenkrysset.

The intermodal terminal consists of four loading/unloading tracks, each 750 meters long, served by two railway cranes. Containers and trailers are moved from trains to lories or from roads to railway. The total investment cost including construction and cranes amounts to SEK 300 million.
Logistics firms like DHL, Dustin, Lidl, Nokian and Samdistribution are already present close to the terminal, and the new terminal will mean new opportunities for them. In addition, Ericsson’s new IT center is currently under construction near the terminal.

Kilenkrysset has signed a new five-year lease with Malte Månson Verkstäder AB for the property Linvävaren 1, Södertälje

September 23, 2015

Malte Månson Verkstäder AB is one of Sweden’s leading repair mechanic companies for lorries. The company is today present in eight cities, from Växjö in the south to Gävle in the north, where it serves and repairs all lorry brands as well as offers other related services.

Opening ceremony of Intermodal terminal in Rosersberg fall 2015

August 5, 2015
The opening ceremony of the new intermodal terminal in Rosersberg will be held on Thursday September 9 at 2pm.
The construction of the intermodal terminal is in full swing. Stockholm Nord will become a full-service terminal with four railway tracks of 750 meters each, and with a total area of 88 000 square meters. The total investment volume including construction and cranes amounts to approximately SEK 300 million.
In the immediate future the Stockholm Nord terminal will become the leading terminal in the country. In the long run it will become a catalyst for the whole region, even though the region today is one of the most attractive in the country. It is in the northern part of the Stockholm region where the growth is, says Jan Persson, owner of Kilenkrysset, who in a short period of time has built the logistics hub Stockholm Nord in Rosersberg.

Industrial area in Nykvarn

3 June, 2015
The Mörby industrial area is a part of Stockholm Syd and is developed in collaboration with Södertälje Municipality. With 1 000 hectares of land the area will become one of the Stockholm region’s largest industrial areas.
The area is planned to include heavy industry as well as hotels and a freight terminal. The land-use planning has taken existing green areas into unusually large consideration. The greens areas will be preserved - the industrial sites will be planted as islands in the green surroundings. In this way two areas with ancient remains will be preserved; in addition, it will also allow wild animals to pass through the area.
The land-use planning is going through the consultation process for 3-4 weeks where people and government entities concerned will have their say.
Kilenkrysset owns approximately 500 000 square meters of land in Stockholm Syd.
New film on Stockholm Syd available at

SPT Stockholm Nord AB -
New tenant in Rosersberg

SPT Stockholm Nord AB is a part of Gävle Containerterminal, GCT, and Yilport Holding.
Stockholm Nord Intermodal terminal is one of Yilport Holding’s latest projects. The terminal will become one of Sweden’s largest, with quick railway access to the container terminal in Gävle and located in Rosersberg, in the country’s fastest growing region.
The intermodal terminal will be launch in the fall of 2015.

Overview to landarea Strängnäs Etableringspark

Joint effort of Kilenkrysset and Strängnäs Municipality to develop a logistics center in Strängnäs

1.7 million square meters of land ready for industrial, warehouse and retail development now branded as “Strängnäs Etableringspark”
The area is strategically located adjacent to the E 20 and R 55 motorways. Some 40 companies are already located in Strängnäs Etableringspark which encompass Biskopskvarn, Solberga, Gorsingeberget and Logistikparken. Land is available for purchase and premises are available for rental agreements. Kilenkrysset can make a tailor made building for each client’s specific requirements.
For more information please see:

Many new jobs as Mörby develops

March 30, 2015
The industrial area Stockholm Syd in Mörby, Nykvarn Municipality, has a good location with a competitive rental level and close access to motorways, railways and harbor. The development can eventually lead to 200 new jobs.
Aditro Logistics is the largest carrier independent third party logistics provider in the Nordic region. The company has 700 employees in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It offers a broad range of services within storage, logistics, supply chain management, transport procurement, staffing and consulting.
Fredrik Stegborg, the owner of Stegborgs EL-evator and Peter Kavén, CEO Kilenkrysset AB

Our tenant, Stegborgs EL-evator, was awared the price ”The enterpriser of the year in Strängnäs”

Mars 14, 2015
When an event was held for the local business community in Mariefred and Strängnäs, Stegborgs El-evator was awarded the price ”The enterpriser of the year in Strängnäs”.
Stegborgs EL-evator develops, produces and sells products for refurbishment of elevators.

Gustav Lundberg, Catharina Lundberg, Lukas Håkansson

Cellbetong – new tenant in Strängnäs

February 6, 2015
Cellbetong i Sverige AB is one of the leading producers of floors in Sweden. In addition, the company also provides solutions for underfloors as well as armature for lawns.
Bernt-Olof Gustavsson, CEO COOP Fastigheter and Jan Persson, Board chairman of Kilenkrysset

Kilenkrysset makes a large acquisition in Strängnäs

December 22, 2014
Kilenkrysset has acquired KF Fastigheter’s 50 per cent share of Solberga shopping center in Strängnäs. Consequently, Kilenkrysset will henceforth own 100 per cent of Solberga. Kilenkrysset has been working with KF Fastigheter as a co-owner for many years and the two companies have many joint projects.

“Kilenkrysset does not normally own and manage shopping centers, but with Solberga we make an exception due to its location in Strängnäs”, says Jan Persson, board chairman of Kilenkrysset. “We are expanding all the time and will continue doing that. Solberga is good for Strängnäs, and it is good that we have a local owner. Solberga will not be affected in any way as a consequence of the acquisition, and for all the stores it will be business as usual going forward.”

150 new jobs to Brunna Kungsängen

December 19, 2014
An additional 150 new jobs will be created in Brunna Kungsängen as the new development of SMD Logistics AB in the area is now under way. SMD Logistics AB is a subsidiary of the Swedish Match group which distributes consumer goods to some 10 000 stores in the Swedish market. The distribution, which previously has been carried out jointly by two distribution centers in Stockholm and Gothenburg respectively, will hence forth be carried out from one single distribution center in Kungsängen, enabling a full coverage of the Swedish retail market.

Swedish Match is the world’s largest producer of snus/snuff with market leading positions both in Sweden and in Norway. The headquarters are located in Stockholm.

“In January 2015, Kilenkrysset will start the construction of the new premises for SMD Logistics AB. We are very pleased to be able to welcome a new strong brand name to Brunna. SMD Logistics AB is the third brand name company to be located in Kilenkrysset’s new logistics center in Brunna Kungsängen”, says Peter Kavén, CEO of Kilenkrysset.

SMD Logistics AB will move into its new premises in October 2015. The building comprises approximately 15 000 square meters of warehouse space and some 2 500 square meters of office space.

For further information please contact:
Jan Persson, Board Chairman of Kilenkrysset, 070-7665404 or via mail:
Peter Kavén, CEO of Kilenkrysset, 070-7665396 or via mail:
Jens Karlsson, CEO of SMD Logistics AB, 073-6404900 or via mail:

Kilenkrysset welcomes new tenant Ramirent to Brunna Kungsängen

December 19, 2014
“In January 2015, Kilenkrysset will start building new premises for Ramirent AB, an international general equipment rental company. Ramirent will lease the premises from us. This is our second tenant in our new logistics center in Brunna Kungängen”, says Peter Kaven, CEO of Kilenkrysset.

Ramirent AB is a part of the Ramirent group, based in Finland, which is one of Europe’s leading players in its industry with leading market shares in in several countries and 300 customer centers in the Nordic region as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Ramirent offers a broad range of products and services related to the lease of general equipment for the construction and industry sectors.

Ramirent will rent a building of approximately 8 000 square meters of warehouse space, 2 500 square meters of office space and 12 100 square meters of canopy space. The total land area is approximately 88 000 square meters. The new premises will host four of Ramirent’s business units as well as parts of the company’s headquarters. Eventually the premises will host approximately 200 employees and the construction will be completed by May 2016.

Ramirent has signed a long lease with Kilenkrysset and we are very satisfied to be able to welcome another great brand to Brunna, paving the way for the area’s further expansion.

Alex Mabäcker Johansson, Mabäcker Group AB, has advised Ramirent AB on the rental agreement.

For further information please contact :
Jan Persson, Board Chairman of Kilenkrysset, 070-7665404 or via mail:
Peter Kavén, CEO of Kilenkrysset, 070-7665396 or via mail:
Erik Alteryd, CEO of Ramirent AB, 08-6212924

Kilenkrysset divests properties for SEK 137,5 million

December 19, 2014
Kilenkrysset divests all its properties in Flen, Katrineholm, Kungsör and one property in Kungsängen. The buyer is Stendörren Fastighets AB.
The sale is a strategic decision enabling Kilenkrysset to focus on expanding and enhancing its property portfolio in the Mälardalen region.

Kilenkrysset supports orphanage in Lithuania

December 1, 2014
We have chosen Lithuania as we have employees with Lithuanian origins. When they go home to Lithuania they bring our gifts with them and personally hand them over to the orphanage. In this way we can be sure that our gifts reach their destination.

Today Kilenkrysset has sold a number of properties (see press release below) to Hemfosa Fastigheter AB.

The sale is a consequence of our strategy to release capital for investment in our existing and up-coming projects in our most expansive areas and regions.
We have a good historical relation to Hemfosa. We are confident that the tenants will be well taken care of also in the future.

/ Jan Persson, Board chairman Kilenkrysset

The following properties have been divested:
Danmark-Säby 6:11, Uppsala
Nedre Gruvriset 33:278, Falun
Signalisten 18, Västerås
Torlunda 1:278, Eskilstuna
Valhalla 1:6, Eskilstuna

Lars Thagesson, Hemfosa, Tapio Mäenpää, Kilenkrysset, Jenny Lindholm, Hemfosa, Jan Persson, Kilenkrysset, Jens Engwall, Hemfosa

Press Release

Nacka October 30, 2014
Hemfosa Fastigheter acquires public properties and logistics properties at a value of SEK 795 million.

This constitutes information that Hemfosa Fastigheter AB (publ) may be legally obliged to publish under the Securities Market Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was issued for publication on October 30, 2014 at 8.30 CET.

Hemfosa Fastigheter acquires public properties and logistics properties at a value of SEK 795 million .

Hemfosa Fastigheter is conducting two acquisitions comprising six properties and two site leaseholds in central Sweden with a total underlying property value of approximately MSEK 795, of which about SEK 200 million pertains to public properties. The acquired properties comprise some 94,000 sqm of leasable area and house various tenants, including schools and county council operations.

Hemfosa is acquiring public properties and logistics properties in Falun, Uppsala, Västerås and Eskilstuna comprising slightly more than 89,000 sqm of leasable area from the property company Kilenkrysset. Tenants include Västmanland County Council and a number of major companies. Possession will be taken on October 30, 2014.

In addition, Hemfosa is acquiring two public properties in Örebro Municipality from Larroy Fastighets AB. The total leasable area of these properties slightly exceeds 5,000 sqm and tenants include two independent compulsory schools. Possession will be taken November 5, 2014.

“These acquisitions will strengthen Hemfosa in the prioritised public properties segment, while simultaneously supplementing our property portfolio with modern logistics properties in expansive areas,” says Jens Engwall, CEO of Hemfosa Fastigheter AB.

For further information, please contact:
Jens Engwall, President,, mobile phone +46 70-690 6550, switchboard +46 8-448 04 80


October 23, 2014
Our new tenant Sibylla, a fast-food restaurant chain, launches its new restaurant in Solberga shopping center in Strängnäs.


October 15, 2014
"Fabriken” was founded in 2014 by Habib Aissaoui, who has extensive experience from the industry.
“Fabriken” was launched this summer in Sparreholm and has now also opened up its store in Strängnäs.

Rusta, new tenant in Strängnäs.

September 24, 2014
Today Rusta, a home furnishing retailer, launches its new store in Strängnäs.
The owner of the premises is an affiliated company of Kilenkrysset.

Construction launch – Stockholm Nord Intermodal Terminal

August 26, 2014
The construction of the Stockholm Nord Intermodal Terminal was today jointly initiated by Anders Ygeman, Chairman of the Swedish Parliament’s traffic committee, Jan Persson, chairman of Kilenkrysset, Lars Bryntesson, chairman of Sigtuna municipality government, Stig Wåhlstedt, CEO of GCT, and Efe Hatay, chief operating officer of Yilport Holding Inc. The intermodal terminal is located 30 kilometers north of Stockholm and less than 10 kilometers from Arlanda Airport, the Stockholm region’s main international airport.
Jan Persson, Kilenkrysset and Safim Said Al-Habi, Sultan of Oman

Sultan Safim Said Al-Habi visits Stockholm Nord Logistics Center

August 21, 2014
Sultan Safim Said Al-Habi of Oman visited Kilenkrysset and Stockholm Nord Logistics Center to learn about Kilenkrysset’s development of the logistics hub some 30 kilometers north of Stockholm. He was particularly interested in learning about the construction and development of infrastructure related issues.